Design by Post

This is the service where my design is based entirely on information provided by you. I do not visit your site  so this is the cheapest option because you only pay for my expertise and design time.


I need to know the precise layout plan of the area you wish to be designed, including the position of underground services (if known), manhole covers, drains and so forth. I also need to know the position of items to be retained or removed such as trees, shrubs, retaining walls, patios, ponds, garden swings and so on. You supply me with a Layout Plan, Photographs, completed Questionnaire & payment by cheque.

Layout Plan

To provide me with this information, you will have to supply measurements of the site and relative positions of all it’s existing features, sufficient for me to draw an accurate site plan to scale. For guidance on how to do this, click here.


Supply me with plenty of photographs of the site showing the area and features relative to the house. It is helpful in deciding on a design to suit the style of the property and to show the features which are part of  your layout plan.


You can tell me your requirements and preferences by filling in a questionnaire and posting it to me together with your Layout Plan, photographs and cheque. If you wish to contact me and discuss your needs first, click here for contact details and I will mail you a questionnaire or I can take your answers over the phone.

To download the questionnaire, click here to download a MS Word version or click here to download a PDF version. For pricing, click here.